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How to Take Advantage of Industry Trade Shows – industry news

There are a lot of strategies that you can do for your custom plush toys. If you’re looking for strategies, one of your primary goals should be exposure for your plush stuffed toys. You can ask anyone in the industry and they’ll tell you that joining industry trade shows can give your toys the exposure that it needs to be seen. After all, you’re working with others whose main goal is to give exposure to the whole industry. It’s just a bonus that you’re being exposed to your target market as well.So what else can you do for your custom plush toys? Don’t settle for just joining industry trade shows. Trade shows are your windows to a lot of opportunities and you should take advantage of it. There are a lot of things that you can do to take advantage of trade shows. In the end, your plush stuffed toys will benefit more from them. After all, you are already spending time, effort and money to join. So why not take advantage of it so you can fully maximize its potentials?First, you should only join industry trade shows that are targeting your target market. A lot of people often overlook this. Just because they’re in the toy industry, it doesn’t mean that it’s the market that your plush stuffed toys are trying to target. It’s beneficial for your custom plush toys if you join a trade show that specifically targets your target market. So instead of focusing on the fact that they’re exhibiting toys, try to find out if they’re exhibiting toys that are gift ideas, novelty items or pure toys. That will give you a better idea on the market that they’re trying to target.You should also focus on the bigger industry trade shows. It doesn’t make sense if you’re going to spend time, effort and money only to be exposed to a few people. So it’s in your best interest to join the bigger fairs. They’re usually held yearly so as far as experience in holding successful fairs is concerned, they’ve done it before. They’re also the most popular with the crowd and some of them even look forward to it. It also features the “who’s who” in the industry so your plush stuffed toys will be in great company. It can give your custom plush toys the credibility that comes with the reliable figures in the industry.You should also check out as many industry trade shows as you can. Since they’re usually yearly events, walk in as a “customer” first and check out the scenario. If you like what you see, you can join the following year as an exhibitor. This will help you make sure that your plush stuffed toys will be exhibited in a successful trade show. It’s also a good tip to sign up as an exhibitor to as many free fairs as you can. Of course, you don’t plan on joining all of them. The purpose is to be on the mailing list of the vendors and manufacturers. This will give you a chance to be updated on news regarding custom plush toys and toys in general.So make sure that you take advantage of the wonderful opportunity presented by industry trade shows. You should plan things accordingly so that you do things effectively and efficiently. That’s the key to your success.

PlayStation 3 Wholesaler Industry – News – industry news

Want to find a PlayStation 3 wholesaler, to get your hands on the much-awaited console quickly and cheaply? You will need to wade through a swamp of scams and cheats – but rest assured, there are honest merchants out there, and it will be possible to get yourself a PlayStation 3. Just do not expect it to be a simple case of looking up a wholesaler on the internet- you will have to do some work yourself if you want to do it alone.The easy but unpopular method is to wait. If you can hang on until mid 2007, you will almost certainly be able to get a PlayStation 3 at a lower price, and with a lot less hassle. By March of 2007 there should be about 6 million units in circulation-which should be enough for most of the people who want a PS3.But suppose you want to get hold of the PlayStation 3 before Christmas? What PlayStation 3 wholesaler should you turn to?For a start, do not think you are going to be able to get one at real wholesale price often, in January 2007. Unless luck comes in your way that is, which is very unrealistic in this kind of business. The price set by Sony- $499 for the basic units, $599 for the premium ones- is lower than the price that the market would set by itself. So the places you might usually look for a cheap deal- online auctions, resellers, wholesale distributors- are out of the question.Sure, if you have $1000 to spend on a console, go ahead and buy one at eBay – but that is the kind of price you will be seeing the consoles resell for, after the still continued launch as there are many countries that are due up for launch and arrival.Importing a PlayStation 3 from Japan is another bad idea. People do this with a wide variety of goods – not just consoles but books, DVDs, CDs and other items, and sometimes it can be done easier in your same US state. Not so with the PlayStation 3. Sony has carefully arranged a legal setup for the PlayStation 3, which makes importing the Japanese version into another region, is illegal.Sony have demonstrated the illegality of importing the PlayStation 3 by winning a court case against a man by the name of Lik-Sang, who was involved also in the sell of importing PSPs.So, you are going to have to stick to the mainstream retailers for now and shop around prices if re-sell is your goal. Look around on the Internet for the best deals – but do not believe anywhere that promises too good to be true cheap prices. Instead, go for bundle deals: outlets selling the PlayStation 3 with free games or accessories included.That is the way they can offer the PlayStation 3 cheaply, without generally- breaking many of the already pricing agreements Sony has given to many retailers and authorized dealers. So do not go for the PlayStation 3 wholesaler anytime soon, you should search for distributors and online hidden wholesalers that specialize in such gaming practice.