Phone Sex – a Secret Yet Viable Home Based Business

I was dared to do it. I could not think of any reasons not to atleast try it. I was stunned at how easy it was to set up and start making money.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, that part is all true, it is easy to set up and start a phone sex business. It is fun, exciting, and very good for your ego. All of the things you can imagine about having a secret identity, a late night world of fetishes, kinks, mysterious men who have secrets they need to share with SOMEONE. I can go on for months telling you all the positive things about the phone sex business. I can go on for years telling you anecdotes and tidbits of ‘the other side’, and maybe someday I will sit down and write it all out. Maybe, but probably not.

I should add that there are a lot of reasons NOT to start a phone sex business as well.

Moral reasons (these don’t seem as valid to me as they might to someone else),
Time constraints (vampires get more sleep than you will),
Hard work (yes, hours everyday of paperwork, website maintenance, staffing/employment issues, advertising and promotion),
Fluctuating Income (summer is slower),
Friends and Family ( not everyone can handle the exitment!)
Now, after 4 years in the business, I don’t think I will be leaving. This fits nicely in my lifestyle, and it certainly can in yours too. There are things to consider, do you want to work for someone else, earing money on the phone, which is a lot easier, or do you want to start your own empire, and do all the hardwork yourself? Oh, there is another option, do you want to just promote phone sex companies as an affiliate, and earn a commission for your work. There are benefits to each option, as well as many combinations of options that can work for you. My best advice is to approach it like any other small business; work hard, be smart, keep your eyes and ears open for advice, and always try to learn something new.

I don’t have to tell anyone how to have phone sex, it seems to come naturally to those who are interested in trying it. I can tell you, if you really think you need to be told. I do suppose it would be like leaving the training wheels on your two wheeler even though they could have already been removed.

My best advice to anyone regarding the calls is:

Be honest and sincere to the callers. They can tell if you are feeding them a line just to get through another 5 minutes of work. Who wants to listen to bullshit?
Research various fetishes, kinks, and fantasies. You don’t have to know everything, but it is a lot more profitable if you know something about what people are interested in talking about. If you are not familiar with something, say so upfront. The caller will appreciate it, even if he does decide to call someone else.
Don’t answer your phone if you are not focused and in a ‘ready to work’ mood. Its obvious to anyone who calls if you are making dinner or doing the laundry.
Be professional. Callers sometimes like to talk about other phone sex services. Keep secrets, don’t gossip, and remember to respect the other phone sex workers that you know (even the ones you don’t know!)
Don’t fight over callers (it happens!) There are more than enough callers out there, no need for catfights!
I think this is enough for today. Don’t want to over do it in one sitting. (oh, thats my best piece of advise; always leave them wanting more!)

Cassie Jones
I have many phone sex websites, and although its not likely appropriate to list them here, you can find them online. Just search for phonesexmania and you will find me.