How to Compete With a Computer in the Online News Media Game – industry news

It seems every day we turn around and a computer or a robot is taking the job of the human. Certainly, it’s helped our civilization and many industries create incredible productivity, but those jobs may never be coming back. As we complain about jobs being outsourced to other countries overseas, we also should be concerned with the jobs being replaced in our own country by robots. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?Let’s say you are a news reporter, or you are producing news content for the Internet, or a local newspaper. How on earth can you compete with computers to generate news stories? Oh you hadn’t heard, you didn’t know that many of the articles you read online were actually created by a computer program rather than human, did you – it’s true. In fact, there are now computer programs which scan the Internet for various events, and when they see similar stories popping up in various places they create a unique title using derivative algorithmic tricks, and then go online and find the;WhoWhatWhenWhereWhyHowAnd then they take that information and put it into a paragraph format just as any news story might read. Of course, the whole thing is plagiarized, but it’s plagiarized from so many different sources, that no one would ever know the difference. And this is what’s going on today. But how can a news reporter keep up with that? Interestingly enough, many news reporters rather than doing actual reporting do the same thing. They go onto the Internet read 4 or 5 articles on the same news event, and a rewrite it and make their own story.This is unfortunate because no one knows if the original information from the very first article or the first few articles is even correct? Because of computers, humans trying to compete have cheated just as the computers are cheating. And because of this, we are getting lousy news stories and content online, much of it may not even be correct. Further, who is to say someone didn’t plant 4 or 5 stories in the media that they just made up, creating a news event that never happened in the first place, how would we ever know?If you want to compete against computers when you create news articles, then you need to go to the source of the article, get personal interviews of people who were actually there, talk to them on the phone, and then use their first-hand account and their own words, quoting them in your article. Otherwise, you’re just putting more garbage on top of garbage, and as a news junkie, I’m tired of reading it. This is how you can do it right and create great news content and still compete. Please consider all this and think on it.

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How to Take Advantage of Industry Trade Shows – industry news

There are a lot of strategies that you can do for your custom plush toys. If you’re looking for strategies, one of your primary goals should be exposure for your plush stuffed toys. You can ask anyone in the industry and they’ll tell you that joining industry trade shows can give your toys the exposure that it needs to be seen. After all, you’re working with others whose main goal is to give exposure to the whole industry. It’s just a bonus that you’re being exposed to your target market as well.So what else can you do for your custom plush toys? Don’t settle for just joining industry trade shows. Trade shows are your windows to a lot of opportunities and you should take advantage of it. There are a lot of things that you can do to take advantage of trade shows. In the end, your plush stuffed toys will benefit more from them. After all, you are already spending time, effort and money to join. So why not take advantage of it so you can fully maximize its potentials?First, you should only join industry trade shows that are targeting your target market. A lot of people often overlook this. Just because they’re in the toy industry, it doesn’t mean that it’s the market that your plush stuffed toys are trying to target. It’s beneficial for your custom plush toys if you join a trade show that specifically targets your target market. So instead of focusing on the fact that they’re exhibiting toys, try to find out if they’re exhibiting toys that are gift ideas, novelty items or pure toys. That will give you a better idea on the market that they’re trying to target.You should also focus on the bigger industry trade shows. It doesn’t make sense if you’re going to spend time, effort and money only to be exposed to a few people. So it’s in your best interest to join the bigger fairs. They’re usually held yearly so as far as experience in holding successful fairs is concerned, they’ve done it before. They’re also the most popular with the crowd and some of them even look forward to it. It also features the “who’s who” in the industry so your plush stuffed toys will be in great company. It can give your custom plush toys the credibility that comes with the reliable figures in the industry.You should also check out as many industry trade shows as you can. Since they’re usually yearly events, walk in as a “customer” first and check out the scenario. If you like what you see, you can join the following year as an exhibitor. This will help you make sure that your plush stuffed toys will be exhibited in a successful trade show. It’s also a good tip to sign up as an exhibitor to as many free fairs as you can. Of course, you don’t plan on joining all of them. The purpose is to be on the mailing list of the vendors and manufacturers. This will give you a chance to be updated on news regarding custom plush toys and toys in general.So make sure that you take advantage of the wonderful opportunity presented by industry trade shows. You should plan things accordingly so that you do things effectively and efficiently. That’s the key to your success.

Understanding The Insurance Industry – Types Of Policies

For some time the insurance industry has been shrouded in mystery and has been ostracized for myths that have beleaguered it to the point of sometimes closing shop or doing away with certain products all together. However due to an intensive campaign to let the public know what insurance was all about and how it would help the different classes and categories of people, it has slowly picked up and saved face especially in terms of health, life insurance and general business policies.

There are many types of businesses and covers offered by insurance companies, but they are classified into three categories as umbrellas for most of the work they do. These are:

  • Life business

The insurance covers that fall under life insurance include those that cover risks on your life and your person such that incase anything happened to you, you would have something to fall back on. In life business you have various products such as investment in your children’s education such that you p a premium that matures in time for your child to go to school. This then ensures that your children are never out of school regardless what happens to you. The other products include retirement and pension savings, investment products, life covers such as family life insurance and other products that seek to cover companies from the loss of their key men such as CEOs known as the key man cover. You can also get the individual life cover or if you have employees you can take out a group cover to shield them from risks at work and outside the work place.

  • General business

General insurance business is the most common type of insurance business for insurance companies because it targets small-scale businesses and individuals for covers on their houses, cars, business premises and cargo. The covers include fire insurance, motor insurance for private and commercial vehicles, which are split into comprehensive, motor insurance, third party motor insurance, and theft insurance. There is also a cover that protects the people involved in the building of structures and buildings; masons, architects, engineers and drivers of large trucks on the site.

  • Medical insurance

No one knows when he or she will get sick next, which is the main reason why every person needs medical insurance. An insurance cover ensures and assures you that you will get the best treatment in any hospital for specific ailments to the tune of a certain amount depending on the premium you choose to pay.

Get Your Gaming News – industry news

The gaming industry is a huge multi-billion-dollar a year sector of the world economy. There are makers of gaming consoles, designers of games, retail outlets, and so many new innovations in technology happening so fast that it’s impossible to keep up with it all.There is a lot of media coverage of the different players in the gaming industry. That’s not surprising, since there are so many devoted fans of the different consoles, and so many gaming fanatics who enjoy playing new games and updated versions of older games.It’s real easy to start digging into the Internet sources of gaming industry news. For starters, you can search in any search engine for “gaming news” or similar search term. The trouble with that approach is that you get so many results in the list that is returned, that it’s very time-consuming to look at more than a few sites that way.Following is a short list of five websites where you can get started digging into gaming news, perhaps with a site that suits your style or special interests.Gametab lists the recent news articles from a wide range of gaming news websites. Categories are the different websites themselves. You can find lists of latest releases and latest news, reviews by platform, and you can participate in their forums.N4G is a nice source of diverse news from various sources, categorized neatly so you can easily zero in on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, or other console or platform. They also have categories for industry news, dev news, tech, and week’s hottest news.Joystiq is a site that serves up news in the style of a blog, so it has a more relaxed and personal feel than some of the other news sites. The focus is mainly on games themselves, and the postings are categorized in a fairly usable form via a platform-specific menu.1up covers news and gossip, and is constantly updated. The focus on mainly on gaming company related news. However, you can also find a wide range of video game reviews and previews on their site. One way to keep up with upcoming games is to check their “Launch Centers” section. And a Cheats section may be of interest to those who want to find some game shortcuts.Gamesarefun (or GAF) is a news site that does not provide updates as often as some of the others. However, an interesting feature is a video game database. This isn’t a complete listing of all games ever made, but it sure can help you find some details on a game that you have been wondering about for awhile. GAF also has a cheats section and forums that you can browse.Well that’s the short list. There are definitely a lot more gaming news sites out there, and they are easy to find using the method described above. So dig into these sites for your “gaming news fix” and have fun reading.

Insurance News: Everything You Need to Know About Insurance – industry news

Life can bring a series of good and bad events. There are happy times to be celebrated and milestones to be conquered. At some point in your life, you will suffer from an illness, accident and incident. You will also need to think about saving, protecting your investments and securing your retirement. This is the reason why you need to consider having insurance policies to cover different aspects of your life. Nowadays, insurance is available for literally everything, including natural disasters and insurance for different parts of your body.Once you purchase an insurance policy, you need to know what is happening in the industry. This is why insurance news is available. This news is available to allow clients to know of new policies, new insurance regulations and how it affects their policies. Every day, the insurance industry is faced with challenges as well as opportunities to provide better services for their clients. This usually depends on the situation of the country. Here are some important areas of the insurance industry that you always need to stay updated:• Health insurance: Whatever happens in the medical field will definitely affect your health insurance. Health insurance news also includes healthcare reforms that the government puts in place, medical malpractice lawsuits and diseases. There are certain times when policies become favourable to clients especially when the support of the government and other stakeholders is initiated. Following this news will ensure that you are aware of the new policies available, medical costs that you are exempted from and the benefits of having the health insurance policy that applies to you.• Auto insurance: We use our cars on a daily basis. Indeed car accidents also occur daily. This makes it mandatory to have auto insurance. The insurance industry news will cover this sector to inform their clients of new regulations in order to stop accidents and incidences on the roads. Additionally, in cases where the automobile industry is facing challenges in a particular area such as the weather, the insurance company will be involved in coming up with solutions to tackle challenges that the weather brings on our roads.Insurers as well as the stakeholders are always looking for reforms especially in areas such as healthcare reform in order to satisfy the needs of their clients. This information will always be available in the media, their websites and other social media networks. It is important to stay informed with the news as whatever happens in the insurance industry will affect you, your money and everyone that is connected to you.

What Are Steel Tubes & In Which Industry Type They Are Most Utilized?

What is steel tube?
There are the pipe like structure made up of different alloys like Manganese, Aluminium, Tungsten & Titanium. They are strong, tough & durable in nature and are often moulded in rectangular, round & square shape. They say – every year around tonnes of steel tubing’s are manufactured – as it has vast application in various construction industries.

Types of steel tube
They are of two types – seamless & welded. Molten steel is passed through the piercing rod to convert them in hollow-shaped seamless steel tubes. Welded steel ones are manufactured by rolling and curling a steel plate and welding it at the seams to provide it strength & endurance.

In earlier times, seamless tubes were considered as robust & stronger than welded ones. But with advances in technology, now welded ones are also sufficiently strong and are being used for many industry-specific requirements.

Application of steel tubing in different industry/domestic setting

Steel tubes are comprehensively used now in industrial & domestic settings. In industry settings, they are valued & utilized for their extreme endurance and capacity to withstand destructive elements, sudden temperature and pressure of environmental forces. In domestic settings, they are utilized for the gas pipes and is embedded inside the appliances, even in the refrigerator, there is a steel pipe.

Top industries where steel structures are highly utilized

These steel pipes are mostly utilized in construction/ engineering field and automobile manufacturing field.

In Construction & Engineering

• The industrial settings HSS (hollow structural sections) tubing’s are either circular, rectangular or square (suiting to the industry’s requirement).
• The ones that are circular are called CHS (circular hollow structural), square ones are called SHS (square hollow structural) and the rectangular ones are called RHS (rectangular hollow structural).
• On construction sites, they are used to manufacture metal scaffolding which are used to make the movement of workers and the heavy equipment or materials with ease. The best part, these structures don’t require the nuts & bolts to bring the structure in one whole shape.
• Circular & square HSS are often used for making the columns of a structure, whereas, rectangular HSS is commonly used in welded frames.

In Automobile Manufacturing

• The steel tubing in the automobile industry are on hype these days ever since the early 90’s.
• In such settings, they are often used to manufacture parts of the automobile or various vehicles.
• The suspension, vehicle control systems & fuel injection parts are made using the industry-grade steel tubes only.

PlayStation 3 Wholesaler Industry – News – industry news

Want to find a PlayStation 3 wholesaler, to get your hands on the much-awaited console quickly and cheaply? You will need to wade through a swamp of scams and cheats – but rest assured, there are honest merchants out there, and it will be possible to get yourself a PlayStation 3. Just do not expect it to be a simple case of looking up a wholesaler on the internet- you will have to do some work yourself if you want to do it alone.The easy but unpopular method is to wait. If you can hang on until mid 2007, you will almost certainly be able to get a PlayStation 3 at a lower price, and with a lot less hassle. By March of 2007 there should be about 6 million units in circulation-which should be enough for most of the people who want a PS3.But suppose you want to get hold of the PlayStation 3 before Christmas? What PlayStation 3 wholesaler should you turn to?For a start, do not think you are going to be able to get one at real wholesale price often, in January 2007. Unless luck comes in your way that is, which is very unrealistic in this kind of business. The price set by Sony- $499 for the basic units, $599 for the premium ones- is lower than the price that the market would set by itself. So the places you might usually look for a cheap deal- online auctions, resellers, wholesale distributors- are out of the question.Sure, if you have $1000 to spend on a console, go ahead and buy one at eBay – but that is the kind of price you will be seeing the consoles resell for, after the still continued launch as there are many countries that are due up for launch and arrival.Importing a PlayStation 3 from Japan is another bad idea. People do this with a wide variety of goods – not just consoles but books, DVDs, CDs and other items, and sometimes it can be done easier in your same US state. Not so with the PlayStation 3. Sony has carefully arranged a legal setup for the PlayStation 3, which makes importing the Japanese version into another region, is illegal.Sony have demonstrated the illegality of importing the PlayStation 3 by winning a court case against a man by the name of Lik-Sang, who was involved also in the sell of importing PSPs.So, you are going to have to stick to the mainstream retailers for now and shop around prices if re-sell is your goal. Look around on the Internet for the best deals – but do not believe anywhere that promises too good to be true cheap prices. Instead, go for bundle deals: outlets selling the PlayStation 3 with free games or accessories included.That is the way they can offer the PlayStation 3 cheaply, without generally- breaking many of the already pricing agreements Sony has given to many retailers and authorized dealers. So do not go for the PlayStation 3 wholesaler anytime soon, you should search for distributors and online hidden wholesalers that specialize in such gaming practice.

Confined With Any Industry Type – CNC Engraving

CNC Engraving are industrially used for settings such that in schools and factories. That CNC were invented during 1970s and since then the use of CNC machines are heavy in different places. Since there is the need for programming in it, they are easy to use once implemented. It is however noted that despite their simple operation, there is still the need of special training for operators.

The machines typically are used in industrial environments in large scale. Sometimes the wood working businesses are using this equipment to save for the cost to repeat the cutting tasks. To those in factories, they were used with the application of drill holes and as well as cut designs giving their product a fine finished appearance. Their abilities to save time and accuracy makes them invaluable icon in business.

This type of machine is merely designed and can operate without being supervised with personnel who oversee the production unit that consist the entire group of machine. Yes, it can be really left completely unmanned. That is also the reason why many of these no are into self-change tools with a predetermined sequence. It also is repositioned to new component side so the task will be finished. The issues of manpower take note, are addressed just so because these machines throughout the day without someone needs to monitor.

Relatively, this is a set of computer program that are operated to any guided human system. It is practically free of error so lessen the burden with according to specifications of programming. Those that are complicated machining are possible to be achieved regardless of how the task will be repeated.

The learning process of this programming for CNC Engraving is said to be easy. Just a computer program instruction, set the details from previous job and can easily recall. Certainly, there is no issue of changeovers.

Typically the machine is composed in two tables. The automatic pallet changer cuts the valuable time. Their reason is because if one component machined in one table, the materials in other will be then loaded. So better opt for cutting the time.

Through the special designed routers for CNC or lasers for cutting machines, CNC engraving machines is done. While the engravers features routers to be used in stone, wood and even glasses, the CNC machine laser favorably works for the cutting works and engrave in sheet metal. Although the fact is it still depends to the one who will use the machines either commercially of just some sort of hobby.

Work at Home in the Wellness Industry and Start Giving Your Family the Life They Deserve – industry news

According to Google, there are 1,830,000 Internet users currently looking for a way to work at home. These individuals want to ensure that their family is taken care of while they are alive. More importantly, they want to make sure that their family is financially secure when they are gone as well.Maybe you have lost your job. Maybe you are tired of working for someone else. Maybe you do not spend enough time with your family. Maybe you are working 2 or even 3 jobs just to barely get by and it is warring you down. Whatever the reason, are you looking for a way out?Something inside motivates you to solve your current dilemma. You can! With 425,000,000 results on Google for “home business”, it is very likely that you have stopped by one of those websites and got intrigued by the freedom, financial security, and increased time with your family that they promised; and you decided to get more information. The next question is: How serious are you?With so many websites promising a “golden egg” or the “gold-filled chest” at the “end the rainbow” it is understandable to be skeptical, even leery of such good news. After all, if it is too good to true, it usually is right? That is why it is important to research every opportunity very carefully before starting any business venture, especially online.Things you should look for before starting to work from home: A reputable company; debt-free company; a brick-and-motor company (has a physical address); phone number that is actually answered by someone on the other line and can competently verify information about the company; news articles; magazine articles about the company; patents for products; and a member of the Better Business Bureau; etc. You should also look for a company that has great online and phone support, and training to new members so that you are not just left in the dark without direction. You should understand what the company is about and what it does. How long has the company been in business? How much has the company grown in financially since it first started? Is the company in an industry that is in demand?If a company has been around for 20 years, and grown exponentially EVERY year for the past 20 years then that is a good sign that it is a good company work WITH. Yes, when you own your home business and partner with a company, you work WITH that company, not FOR that company…that is another great benefit of having your own business.Work At Home United meets all of the criteria above. If you are looking for a way to provide for your family and spend more time with them, then you can! This company has been providing families like yours with a proven business model that works in the ever growing Wellness Industry for over 20 years that has allowed hundreds of thousands of people achieve their financial goals and work at home.Daniel Baca

Industry News – Capital One Buying HSBC Credit Cards in the US – industry news

As a smart consumer, it is up to you to remain up to date on the happenings within the credit card markets. One way to do this is to watch the news and interpret what it will mean to you, personally.HSBC Holdings PLC announced that it would be selling off its United States credit card division to massive Capital One Financial Corp. The sale gives HSBC the ability to focus its assets on more of the emerging markets it is hoping to move into. The company will profit by some US $2.4 billion in after tax gain from the sale. The move is a good one for Capital One, too, experts say as it will add considerable profit to its already strong bottom line.Capital One will expand, especially after its recent acquisition of the online banking giant, ING. Even as US growth caps continue to be limited, the deal will help to keep Capital One profitable longer.What does this mean for consumers who have HSBC credit cards? How about those with Capital One?  Consider the following.

Most people will not see any difference or change in their credit cards. Capital One is likely to allow HSBC consumers to retain their current card offers, at least for some time.
If changes occur, it is likely to be to move all consumers towards the Capital One cards, at which time most consumers will see no real change in its card offerings and terms.
It is possible that HSBC customers will move into new Capital One accounts down the road with different terms. However, new laws make it a requirement for individuals to learn about such changes before they occur (you get warning of any changes coming.)
Keep in mind that as a customer, if drastic changes were to occur, you could opt out of the card offer. However, you would need to pay the balance on your accounts in full according to the terms you did agree to.Most consumers will not see a change in their overall credit card usage. Your HSBC credit card accounts will still work and may even be readily accessible for years to come. If you are worried about the move, do consider turning to a third party provider for a new credit card. You always have the ability to find a new loan offer if the one you have is simply not providing you with the terms and features you need.